June 25, 2019

Insurance Commissioner Donelon Reminds Active Duty Service Members and Veterans of Discounts

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon would like to remind active duty service members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces there are discounts and benefits available both during and after their tour of duty.

“With 33 years of military service, I’ve seen the challenges members of the military face when deployed and transferred repeatedly,” said Commissioner Donelon. “There are many protections enshrined in our statutes that help make everything from deployment to establishing a career upon returning home easier. Shining a light on what’s available to help veterans is certainly one of the more pleasant parts of my job as Insurance Commissioner.”

The following benefits are available for those on deployment:

  • Automobile discount: All auto insurers must provide active duty military personnel based in Louisiana a 25% premium discount on any motor vehicle owned by that person as directed by La R.S. 22:1482(A).
  • Homeowners discount: All homeowner’s insurers have the option to provide active duty military personnel a discount of up to ten percent of premium on homes or other immovable property owned by that person as directed by La R.S. 22:1482.1(A).

Furthermore, Veterans applying for insurance licenses with the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) are now eligible for reimbursement of the required exam fees. Veterans will need to pay any fees upfront at the time they take a licensing exam. Upon completion of the exam, eligible veterans have one year to apply for reimbursement of the fees through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There is no limit on the number of tests an individual may take, or the number of times the same test is taken.

Additionally, members of the military approaching a mobilization or deployment must insure any vehicle left home if it will be operated on the street. If a vehicle will not be operated during the service member’s mobilization or deployment, insurance coverage may be suspended if the individual turns in their automobile license plate to the Office of Motor Vehicles according to its procedure. A gap in insurance coverage could result in a higher insurance rate. Suspending insurance coverage while mobilized or deployed by surrendering a license plate will prevent such a gap.

Commissioner Donelon’s career includes service in the Louisiana Army National Guard where he served as the State Judge Advocate and retired with the rank of Colonel.

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