Volume 11, Issue 12
December 2020


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Stop: Are Your Car Doors Locked?

The holiday shopping season is here, and the Louisiana Department of Insurance is reminding you to lock your car doors. The Louisiana Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (LATIFPA) is committed to helping you avoid becoming a victim of auto theft. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep valuables and packages out of sight in your vehicle.
  • Lock your car doors.
  • Always park in a well-lit area.
  • Remove your keys from the ignition.
  • Never hide a key in or on your car.

Click here to watch a video.


Christmas gifts in SUV

Quick Facts: Holiday FAQs

What happens if someone breaks into my vehicle and steals my holiday packages? Is there a policy that covers this type of incident?

Most standard homeowners and renters insurance policies provide coverage. However, you are responsible for the policy deductible and there are limits. Some auto policies provide coverage for this situation. Contact your insurance agent or company for more information.

Can I visit an urgent care clinic while traveling out of state this holiday season?

An urgent care visit is typically covered under most health insurance policies. If you plan to travel, remember to take health insurance information for all family members, including your identification cards and contact details. Co-payments with urgent care visits are typically lower than co-payments for emergency room visits. It’s important to understand which doctors and hospitals are in your health insurance plan’s network. If you are provided services from outside of your network, you may receive what is sometimes referred to as a “surprise bill.”

A family member borrowed my vehicle and got into an accident. Will my auto insurance cover the cost?

Your auto insurance policy will provide the same coverage for your relative as if it were you driving. However, an accident may increase your premium. If your family member has an accident in your car while driving intoxicated, the company might not renew your policy or might charge you a higher premium.



Health doctor hands checking blood pressure

Deadlines Near

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7. Beneficiaries who have made changes to their existing plans or selected new plans can expect coverage to begin January 1, 2021. The open enrollment period for health insurance through the Marketplace ends December 15. If you do not enroll by the deadline, you must qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to a life change such as marriage or having a baby. Health coverage for 2021 begins January 1.



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