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Rate Filing Search

The Office of Property and Casualty (OPC) accepts, reviews, and approves applications for insurance rates or rate changes for all lines of property and casualty insurance. Each filing submitted to the OPC shall be on file for a waiting period of forty-five (45) days before it becomes effective. A filing shall be deemed to meet requirements unless disapproved in writing by the Department within the forty-five day waiting period.

General information on filings submitted to the OPC can be found using the following links:

To search for a specific company submission, please click here

To view a report of all filings pending to date, please click here

To view the Weekly Filing Submissions Report, please click here

To view the filings that were acted on in the previous week, please click here

If you should have questions, you may contact the Office of Property and Casualty Insurance Rating and Policy Forms Division at:

(800) 259-5300 Toll free
(225) 342-5203 Louisiana