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Automobile and Home Insurance Rate Comparison Guides

Consumers can use the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s online systems to compare automobile and homeowners insurance rates among companies. These guides are not intended to provide an exact estimate of your cost of insurance, but rather to demonstrate the importance of shopping around for the best policy for you. Also keep in mind that various companies may have dividend and cash-back plans that can result in a lower final cost than reflected in the rate guide.


  1. Use these rate guides as a starting point.
  2. When you start calling for price quotes, be ready to answer questions about your driving history or the type of home you have.
  3. Ask questions about how your policy works. Since you will be paying for your policy, you have a right to know all the policy details.
  4. Compare policies and choose the one best suited to your situation.

To begin, choose one of the following:

Homeowners Rate Comparison

Automobile Rate Comparison Guide

We offer separate rate comparison guides for automobile and homeowners insurance. You can access these guides in a pdf format by clicking here for the Auto Rate Comparison Guide and here for the Homeowners Rate Comparison Guide.