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Appraiser Registration

The language of a Louisiana standard fire insurance policy includes a provision for the use of an appraiser in the event of a disagreement between the insurer and the insured over the value or amount of loss. This provision is found in 22:1311(F) (2). Effective August 1, 2012, Act 96 of the 2012 Regular Legislative session requires that any person acting as an appraiser in accordance with this provision be registered with the Department.

Appraiser Registration Form

The initial registration fee is $55. The registration is valid for 12 months from the date of registration. The fee to renew a registration is $50.

The determination of whether an appraiser is a competent and disinterested party will be made by the party employing the services of the appraiser. Any qualifications provided on this registration application will be made available to the public on the Department web site to assist both insurers and insured in electing an appraiser.

Public adjusters may also be registered as appraisers; however, an individual may not function as a public adjuster and an appraiser for the same claim.

A list of registered appraisers can be found using the Company Search feature.